I'd give it back, all of it, if I could have my family back.
2、如果我不顾一切发挥每一点潜能去做会怎样? 我必须做到,我别无选择。
I will use my every potential to do that. I just always knew that I need to get out. I have to do it. I have no choice.

I think people just get frustrated without harsh, life can be. So they're spending their time dwelling on that frustration we calling it anger. keep their eyes shut to the wholeness of the situation.

The world is changing while you're just a stardust. The earth turns arround with or without you. Reality doesn't change according to your will.

The world moves you just suspect. it could no happen without you. Situations are not conduced to what you want for yourself. Someone else's needs, someone else's plate is going to be stronger than yours is.

Keep their eyes shut to the wholeness of the situation. All those tinny things that have come together to make it, what it is.

Don't close your eyes, rise again after you fall, you need to get out.

Because I was turned so inward by mom and dad, I got chance to see how all the little tiny things come together to make the final product .So I was never inclined to wonder why this or why that. I knew why. not that I was happy about it, in fact I was really sad about it, some of the time. but I was very excepting, I was very excepting. I just always knew that I need to get out.

Did you ever feel sorry for yourself?--That had always been my life and I really——I feel that I got lucky, because any sensive security was pulled out so I was forced to look forward. I had to… there was no going back and I reached a point where I just thought, “oh I'm gonna work as hard as I possibly can and see what happens” and now I'm going to college. and the NYT is going to pay.

Sometimes I feel like there is skin upon the world. And those of us who are born under it, can see threw it. We just can't get threw it.

I knew at that moment I had to make a choice. I could submit to everything that was happening and live a life of excuses… or I could push myself. I could push myself and make my life good.
I'm smart. I know I can succeed. I just need a chance. A chance to climb out of this place I've born in. Everyone I know are angry and tired. They're trying to survive. But I know that there is a world out there that is better, that's better developed. And I want to live in it.


1--I loved my mother so much我非常爱我的妈妈
2--She was a drug addict她吸毒
3--She was an alcoholic也酗酒
4--She was legally blind基本失明
5--She was a schizophrenic她还患有精神分裂症
6--but I never forgot that she loved me但是我决不会忘记她爱我
7--even if she did it即使她忘记了
8--all the time一直如此
9--all the time一直如此
10--all the time一直如此
11--Lisa, give me the money! It's mine!丽萨 给我钱 它是我的
12--God, it's mine!上帝啊 那是我的
13--Who's Saint Donalson.谁是圣 丹诺森
14--Where is it?它在哪儿
15--Give it to me!快给我
16--What is epidermis.什么是表皮层
17--What is the epidermis. Correct!什么是表皮层 正确
18--Give it to me!快给我
19--Let go, mom!快放手 妈妈
20--I gave a hundred to you!我分给你一百块
21--Just come, I gave 100 to you!别跑 我分给你一百块
22--to one of you!你们一人一百块
23--We're forced to live on!我们还要生活呢
24--Every month! It is ...It's...It's the same damn thing!每个月 老是这样
25--What is genus.什么是菌属
26--You can put it in your arms,你把它们全拿去吸毒了
27--so we can starve!我们就可以挨饿了
28--It's mine!是我的
29--I didn't take it! Give it to me!我根本没有拿 把它给我
30--What is Denmark?什么是丹麦王国
31--Give it to me! It's mine!给我 是我的
32--It's mine!是我的
33--We're hungry.我们饿了
34--I can't ! We need food, mom!我不能给你 我们需要食物 妈妈
35--What did you ever do for me, huh?!你们为我做过什么
36--I gave you life!我给了你们生命
37--Tell me go out to the street and sell myself for it? huh?你想让我当妓女吗 让我去卖身吗
38--Do you want me to do it?你想让我那么做吗
39--I know I do it sometimes, right?我知道我会这么做的
40--Come on, jinny, what are you saying?别这样 姬恩 你在说什么啊
41--She doesn't need to do that!她当然不用这么做了
42--Oh, My God!噢 上帝
43--I need it.我需要它
44--I need it.我需要它
45--I need it.我需要它
46--What is Medina?什么是玛蒂娜
47--Who's Guerra Champion?谁是格拉勇士
48--I wanted that smile. Oh, god!我需要那个微笑 哦上帝
49--I wanted that smile so much!我是多么需要那个微笑啊
50--I was pathetic, wasn't I?我很可怜 不是吗
51--Don't take the aqueduct! Mummy!别拿那个 妈咪
53--Who is Carl Deniel谁是卡尔 德尼尔
54--She taking the aqueduct!她拿着管子
55--What the hell difference does it make?那又有什么区别
56--She'll get mugged!她全拿走了
57--Who cares!那又怎么样
58--Dad, we'll cop her, if we can't she'll get mugged!爸 快走 我们不能看着她全拿走
59--Always a big production!真是个大麻烦
60--Who's noel Coward?谁是诺埃尔•考沃德
61--See they fixed the light for a change.你看他们把灯泡修好了
62--Not easy to break them again.过不久就又被打破了
63--No, no, no. She's OK, see the water runs downhill.不不不 她还行 你看水到这停止了
64--There's no water.那儿没什么水
65--No, no. Don't you know what aqueduck is?不不不 你不知道沟渠是什么吗
66--The aqueduct carried water to New York City沟渠是用来给纽约运水的
67--for like over a hundred years they did that.一百多年都是这么弄的
68--And they close it down,然后关闭了
69--but now the ghost water, right? He carried your mother along.但是现在鬼水把你妈妈困住了
70--My father,我父亲
71--you could sit down on a couch and talk to my father.你可以坐下来跟我父亲聊天
72--you just can't talk to him for long.但你总是不会跟他谈太久
73--Hey, Jean!嘿 姬恩
74--He knew so much. He got all the answers right on JEOPERDY.他懂很多东西 正确答案随口即出
75--He was a genius,他是个天才
76--every answer, every time.每一个回答 每一次都是(正确的)
77--That's the thing.就是那样
78--Your parends are your Gods.你的父母是你的上帝
79--I look to them as an example of what I should find everywhere on the world就象全世界所有的普通父母一样
80--They paid so little attention to my needs他们很少关心我的需要
81--but then I felt that但是却让我觉的
82--their needs were so powerful that ...他们的需要是如此强烈
83--It didn't make me feel hurt or angry that以至于当他们不关心我时
84--they didn't look into me.都没让我感到伤害或者愤怒
85--because I felt OK.因为我觉得能够承受
86--This just must to be the human condition to be so.可能人类就是这样的
87--and then the world came in.然后事情就来了
88--You took my husband, you little busterd,你抢走了我的丈夫 你这个小混蛋
89--I'll kill you.我要杀了你
90--No, mummy不 妈咪
91--I'm not your mother. I did your favour.我不是你妈妈 我帮了你
92--I shouldn't have trail on you!真不该生下你
93--help me clean up this Liz.赶快把这里清理了 丽丝
94--They see this they're gonna take us, too.他们见了会把我们也带走的
95--No! No! No! It's my house.不 不 不 这是我的房子
96--Don't take me! Get out!别带我走 走开
97--No! Don't take!不 别带我走
98--No fasten!别激动
99--What happened to the window?窗户怎么了
100--She threw the cat out.她把窗轴扔了

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